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Bowlmex is Experience. Quality services & Reliability!

Established since 1980 Offering our services of installation, training, programs of preventive & corrective maintenance, repairing of any QubicaAmf & Brunswick Gs-Series equipment, consultant’s office in electrical systems requirements.

We offer to you all our experience for the best development of your project. And a very important point that must be taken is that you have to consider before initiating a project, is that you have to have a complete and professional evaluation of all the technical aspects that must be analyzed before getting started. A non proper electrical wiring may cost you thousands and thousands of Dollars. Let us help you.

If it’s your first bowling alley, you are interested in purchasing used bowling equipment or you are planning to move your bowling alley to anywhere. Do not Risk your money. Contact us now!

We are ready to attend you as soon as you contact us. We are a group of professionals with 30 years of experience in active service, installing the different models of bowling equipment QubicaAMF WHICH WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND and so Brunswick Gs-series.


Work Team

Our specialists have over 20 years experience in the bowling industry..